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Extended Biotechnology Courses
Last updated: April 17, 2006

This page contains information about Biotechnology classes at Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, California. It was written by Judi Heitz.

Course one: Biotech 1, 2 Extended Biology with a biotech emphasis, and

Course two: Biotech 3, 4 Extended Biology with a biotech emphasis

These two biotech course materials from Chula Vista High School make up a two-year biology course that is college prep. The students recruited in this course are those who have usually failed biology and algebra and are not traditionally successful in math and science. They are often reading below level and may be special education students.

The enclosed package contains of the content standards and content objectives one by one. Each content topic includes a review and practice of the concepts, time required for mastery of these concepts as well as sample assessment questions. It is intended to assist the teacher in helping students master the learning of Biotechnology with an emphasis on workplace skills.

Included is a list of the skills-based competencies student must accomplish, to be able to job shadow and earn internships in the biotech field. These skills are learned while enrolled in the above biology courses. The internships (or 2 + 2 courses) take place during the 3rd year of the program.

Judi Heitz
Chula Vista High School
820 4th Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91911

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