2011 Summer Fellows Forum Presentations and Materials

These slide presentations and materials are from the 2011 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum.

Presentation Bio-Link program
Opening session I: Broadening the impact

Presented by Elaine Johnson, Bio-Link PI

Bio-Link National Center
Opening session II: Bio-Link Curriculum and Instructional Materials

Presented by Lisa Seidman and Jeanette Mowery, Bio-Link Co-PIs

Seidman and Mowery discuss:

Opening session II: Bio-Link on-line

Presented by Sandra Porter, Bio-Link co-PI


Bio-Link National Center
Hosting a Bio-Link Regional Meeting

Presented by Linnea Fletcher, Bio-Link Co-PI


Biotic & Abiotic Factors Affecting Flowering of Mimulus Aurantiacus & Assemblage of Yeast Communities Within the Nectar Lab Workshop

Presented by: Pat Seawell, Tadashi Fukami & Daria Hekmat-Scafe

Amylase Purification – Column Chromatography to Study Proteins Lab Workshop

Using an ion-exchange chromatography lab from Ellyn Daugherty's (bioteched.com) Biotechnology: Science for The New Millennium, 2012 curriculum, participants l

Stem cells in high school

Presented by: Edie Kaeuper, Carin Zimmerman, Golnar Afshar, Samantha Croft, & Bill Woodruff

Protein is Cash: State of the art curriculum to support the bioeconomy

Presenter:  Mary Jane Kurtz

Protein purification

Presenters:  Jim DeKloe, Ingrid Miller, Michele Gilbert

Solano Community College
Using gene expression data to study how plants respond to drought

This workshop is presented by Sandra Porter and Andrea Porter-Smith.  Particpants will learn about the process of analyzing gene expression data and work with microarray data obtained from the NCBI's GEO database.

Connecting to Bio-Link – Getting the Most Out of the Bio-Link Web Community Workshop

Presented by Sandra Porter, Andrea Porter-Smith, and Patricia Delich.


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