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Presenters: Sandra Porter, Patricia Delich, Roxanne Porter-Smith


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We will have two sessions that are slightly different:

One session is more specific to the needs of Bio-Link program members and partners. The other session is more specific to Bridge adopters.



I.  When do you need to log in?


      • create or edit content


      • Directories


      • Bridge to Biotech


      • Courses in a Box


II. What happens if you forget your log in name or password?   


      • don't panic



III. How does the Bio-Link web site work?


     • CMS - content management system


     • lots of modules


     • special fields


     • database queries


     • Publishing - visible and invisible content


     • Workspace 

IV.  Formattting content
      • Why is this complicated?
                 • Hidden characters
                 • Translating to HTML
       • What can help?   
                    • writing on the web
                       Pasting as plain text, formatting later
       • Using the text editor   
       • Adding links
V.  How can you help yourself (and others) ?

       • Edit, or add your comments to the Bio-Link User Guide


VI.  Getting notified

    •  Subscribing to a blog or forum


Bio-Link program leaders and partners session

1.  Log in.

2.  Working with your program page

3.  Adding employer information to your program page

4.  Practice


Bridge to Biotech session


Bio-Link program leaders and partners session

This session is open to anyone, but will emphasize skills that are needed for Bio-Link program leaders.



Bridge to Biotech session

This session is open to anyone, but will emphasize skills that are needed for Bridge to Biotech adopters.

For Bridge participants:

Instead of making a blog post, please post your content in the Bridge to Biotech area:

1.  Go to Create Content


2.  Choose Bridge to Biotech

3.  On your Bridge page - enter information in the form areas. 

  • Write a title
  • Pick a tag to get the information in the right place
  • Write a sentence in the body
  • Upload a file.


Presenter affiliation: 
Bio-Link National Center


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