2012 Summer Fellows Forum Presentations and Materials


Slide presentations and materials from the 2012 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum.

This summer, we're celebrating biotech education by Riding the Crest of the Bio-Link Wave.

Break out your Hawaiin shirts and surfin' gear for your trip to Berkeley.  

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Bio-Link National Center
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Teaching STEM Concepts through Theater Workshop: Putting Steam into STEM

Presenter: Holly Kerby, MATC

Madison Area Technical College
Synergy Bridge to Biotech (B2B) Overview

Presenters: John Carrese & Laurence Clement


Background reading on the Bridge to Biotechnology

City College of San Francisco
Swimming Against the Tide: Teaching Math in Context

Presenters: Lisa Seidman & Jeff Rapp


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Surfing the Stem Cell Pipeline Workshop

Presenters: Edie Kaeuper, Carin Zimmerman, Golnar Afshar, George Cachianes, Bill Woodruff & Samantha Croft Farmer

Q R You? – Integrating Social & Mobile Technology Into Academia Workshop

Presenter: Edgar Troudt

Kingsborough Community College of The City University of New York
Project Based Learning in Biotech Courses

Presenters: Farah Movahedzadeh


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Opening Session III: Evaluation and measurement

Presenters:  Candiya Mann (Bio-Link Evaluator), WSU, and Holly Kerby (MATC)

Opening Session II: Coming trends in NSF ATE funding

Bio-Link Co-PI Linnea Fletcher will interview Celeste Carte, Director of the National Science Foundation ATE Program.

Austin Community College
Opening session 1: Bio-Link Overview 2012

Presenters:  Elaine Johnson, Bio-Link Director, and Bio-Link Co-PIs: Bart Gledhill,

Next-generation Science Standards & Virtual Lab Simulations

Presenter: Sheryl Denker & Denmark Group: Mads Tvillingaard Bonde, Tobias Dam & Michael Bodekaer

BayBio Institute
Navigating the Waves: Web Publishing, Social Media & Biotech Careers - Sessions for Program leaders, Bio-Link Fellows, and Synergy B2B participants

Presenters: Sandra Porter & Patricia Delich


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Bio-Link National Center
Meet and Greet Poster Session

Two waves of Bio-Link Fellows present their programs via posters and hand-outs.

Bio-Link National Center
Making a Wave: Why Community College Instructors Should Publish Their Work

Presenter:  Linnea Fletcher

Austin Community College
Hands-On Lab Workshop II: Biotic & Abiotic Factors Affecting the Flowering of Mimululs Aurantiacus & Assemblage of Communities of Bacteria & Yeast within the Nectar of these Model Islands Lab Workshop

Pat Chandler Seawell and Matthew Knope will present a hands-on lab on bacteria, yeast, and flowers.  

Hands-on Lab Workshop I: V3 Workflow, Stain Free Gels, Speedy Electrophoresis, and Western Transfers

Damon Tighe, Jeannie Spagnolo & Ingrid Miller from the Bio-Rad team will help participants practice their electrophoresis skills.

Drowning in Data? Help Solve a Murder Mystery

Presenter: Sandra Porter


Certification: A Wave or a Ripple?

Presenter:  Jeanette Mowery will lead the discussion.

Birds of a Feather Sessions

Earlier this spring, you shared lots of ideas when we asked for your suggestions for topics for the


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