2013 PITTCON Presentation

Dr. Sulatha Dwarakanath (Bio-Link Representative and Co-ordinator for Bioscience Consortium/Adjunct professor at Austin Community College) presented at the workshop in PITTCON2013: Training in Food Analytical Techniques Using LC-MS, HPLC, Spectroscopic and Molecular Instrumentation, along with Christain Bush (Florida Sate College, Jacksonville) and Daniel Kelvisha (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Moderated by R. Kevin Pegg.

Dr. Su talked about the Advances in food Safety: Using Spectroscopic Techniques and Nanotechnology. The talk was centered on Bacterial Detection in food. Variety of techniques avaiblable to the food industry today and focused on the R&D work done using Fluorescent Nanoparticles and Raman Spectroscopy. This was also related to how the techniques are related to teaching students to apply spectroscopy to developing differnt assays. Christian Bush was vey inerested in ACC's internship program and he learned how they can shorten the internship at their site and yet have full experience for the students. 

Dr. Su also talked about STEM education on behalf of Dr. Linnea Fletcher: Effective Lab Practices for Teaching HPLC Techniques. The talk was based on using HPLC for Caffeine detection and realted to the 7 steps of STEM education for the community college students. 

 Also, the presentations included the Bio-Link information. All the resources available from Bio-Link were described. Many of the attendees did not know about Bio-Link. They were very pleased to discover a site with so much information for their class. Surprisingly, the attendees thought that it was paid subscription to Bio-Link. They were very pleased that it is an open and free for all to use it for benefitting the Biotech professionals. At end of the talk some fo the attendees wanted to know how they can be more involved with Bio-Link.

At the end of these two talks, Mr. Robert Rae from Pro-Lab diagnostics walked up and said that they are located in Round Rock, TX and did not know that there was a great program at ACC Biotechnology Department. He has since then visited our labs and will be hiring some of our students for internships and full time. He is also interested in working with us on the CRO projects.

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