Teaching for the Always-Evolving Biotechnology Workplace

Moderator:  Lisa Seidman, Madison Area Technical College, WI

Speakers:  Vivian Ngan-Winward (SLCC), Ryan Gilmore (BioNetwork Analytical Training Lab, NC), Jeanette Mowery (MATC), Linnea Fletcher (ACC)

Two year biotechnology departments have developed various innovative programs such as student-led contract research and contract manufacturing organizations, research projects, business incubators, and more. At first glance, these programs seem discordant. But, perhaps they provide similar benefits to students preparing for a complex and changing workplace. This session will explore several innovative instructional models, asking how they benefit student learning.

Download a table comparing features of Innovabio, Studentfactured, and the BioNetwork Analytical Training Lab.

Download Bio-Link Draft of Common Core Skill Standards for the Bioscience Laboratory.  Please read and send comments/suggestions. 

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Madison Area Technical College
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Salt Lake Community College
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Austin Community College


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