Start a Bridge

Step 1: Identify Your Program Needs

Before joining our Learning Community, we ask you to complete a Needs Assessment Survey, to determine if this community is right for you. One of our Bio-Link team members will then follow-up with you to schedule a phone conversation. We now accept Learning Community members all year-round.


Step 2: Access to the B2B Curriculum and Program Toolkit

Once selected, the adopters have access to the course materials and lesson plans developed at the different colleges in our Learning Community. Right now, most of the materials cover the three core Bridge classes: math, science and language, but as colleges feel more comfortable with their curriculum, we plan to incorporate their materials to our website. 

Since simple possession of the B2B curriculum has not always yielded successful adoptation or program development, adopters also have access to the "BridgeToolkit".  This toolkit was created to emphasize important program practices not outlined in the curriculum. The Toolkit describes and illustrates the essential elements of the program, such as contextualized learning, faculty teams, learning communities, and student cohorts. 


Step 3:  Meet Bio-Link's B2B Community and Find Out about Promising Practices

Each year, during the second week of June, the Bridge team (faculty and program staff) from each adopting college is invited to participate in an intensive seminar at Bio-Link’s Summer Fellows Forum in Berkeley, CA.

Past seminars have included:

  • tutorials on incorporating contextualized teaching to an existing or new curriculum,
  • tutorials on creating learning communities,
  • presentations on other essential elements of the Toolkit
  • support to develop a program plan tailored to the college’s needs and limitations
  • discussions around on curriculum content
  • training on online tools used for sharing  information with the Bridge network
  • a panel discussion with CCSF Bridge alumni currently employed in the biotech industry


Step 4: Build Your Network Capacity

Bridge adopters begin working with each other, using online tools, webinars and conference calls to exchange best practices and challenges among members of the Bridge adopters network.

Throughout this process, the Bio-Link team collects information on best practices and challenges faced so we can integrate the lessons learned back into Bio-Link’s scale-up process.

Currently, our goal is to strengthen Bio-Link’s Bridge Learning Community, and to continue to create a community of practice where experienced Bridge adopters provide advice to new adopters, discuss challenges and best practices, and document their experience using online collaborative tools.


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