Adding a logo to your program page

You can add your college logo to your Bio-Link program page by doing the following:

1.  Find your logo.  You can usually drag it from your college web site to your computer desktop.

2.  Log in to the Bio-Link web site.

3.  Go to your program page.  There should be a link to your program from your account page.

4.  Click the Edit tab.  This opens a window where you can edit information about your program.


5.  Find the section that says "logo."  Click Choose File.  This will allow you to navigate to your desktop.  Click the logo file when you've found it.


6.  Click the Upload button to upload your file.


7.  Enter the URL for your college.  This step is optional.  
If you enter a URL, a link will be made so that clicking the logo will open a new browser window with your college web site.


8.  Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the Save button.  This will save your work.  

The logo will be positioned on the page automatically.


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