Content: Working with content

This section contains information for both Bio-Link programs and Bio-Link staff. 

These instructions cover:

  • Creating content
  • Using the text editor
  • Editing content
  • Deleting content
  • Files

    • Uploading files
    • Managing Files
    • Working with uploaded files
  • Images

    • Uploading Images
    • Managing images
    • Working with images
  • Videos
  • Adding special content types


Good practices for adding content:

1.  If you must paste text from Word documents, click the Paste from Word icon 

     Then, paste your text in the window that appears and click Okay.

2.  If you add a table, it should be less than 400 px in width.

3.  If you add an image, it should be less than 400 px in width.  Having your images less than 350 px is even better.

4.  Videos should be less than 400 px in width.


Check out the icons!

There are lots of cool icons in our page editor.  To find out what they do, hold your mouse button over one and a tag will appear that describes the function of that icon.


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