Creating new pages for your program section

Not only can you edit your program page, you can add new pages.  

Program books

Each set of new pages for a program is called a "book." When you create and publish new pages, the page names will appear as links in a menu on the left side of the page.  You won't be able to see this menu until after you've added pages to the "book" for your program.

Program books are great places to write about:

  • special projects (see an example from Shoreline Community College)
  • awards and grants that your program has received
  • summer workshop descriptions (these can be in events, too)
  • outreach activities
  • partnerships with local schools and companies
  • videos about your program and from your students (see an example from Solano Community College)

To add pages:

1. Log in and go to your program page.

2. Add a page to your book by clicking the "Add child page" link at the bottom of your program page.

3. Add a title for your page.

4. Enter information in the large text area.  

See Editing content for more information on using pasting, editing, and formatting text.

5. When you're done entering information, click the Save button to save your work.  

When your work is saved, you can begin working again by clicking the Edit tab.  

***Until your page is published it will have a light pink background.  When your page is published, the pink color will go away.

If you log out and go away, you can find your page again by looking in your workspace.  The top menu on the left side of the page contains a link to your workspace.

6. You can click the Preview button to get some idea how the information will look.  

**Note:  the Preview view will be missing the formatting that you see on the pages, so use this mostly to check your typing.

7.  Open the Publishing options link and click "Published."  

No one outside of your program and Bio-Link staff can see your page until it has been published. 


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