Editing your main program page

To edit your program page:

1. Log in.

2. Navigate to your program page. (An easy path is to click the Bio-Link program page link that appears on your account page).

3. Click the Edit tab towards the top of the page.

4. The sections that you might like to edit are the:

a.  Program information section.  

1).  Modify the text in any way you like.  It's probably best to limit this section to 2-3 paragraphs.  

If you have lots of information to add, you can put that information on a new page.  

See "Editing content"  or "Using the text editor" for more information.

2).  Upload an image.  It's best to keep image sizes below 300 px in width.

See "Uploading images" for more information.

b.  Add the names of companies and research institutions that have hired your students.  

You may add links if you like.  See "Adding a link" for more information.

c.  Select any degrees or certificates that are offered by your program.  

Each row in this table will appear in a separate row on the page.

d.  If you wish to attach files - like brochures, open the File attachments section.

Then, browse to find the file in your computer and click the Attach button to upload the file to your page.

5.  When you're finished editing, click the Save button.



1.  If you change your mind about an edit, click the Revisions tab.  Note:  The Revisions tab will not appear until changes have been made and saved.

2.  Click "revert" to return to an earlier version of the page.

3.  You will be asked to confirm this choice.  If you are sure, and confirm the reversion, you will see this change appear in your revision log.


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