Biotechnology - The Science and the Business - Second Edition

Derek G. Springham, Ronald Cape, and Vivian Moses (Editors)
Gordon and Breach Publishing
Publication date: 


ISBN 9057024063 (Hard Cover) Cost $150
ISBN 9057024071 (Soft Cover) Cost $56
This book does exactly what a book for a comprehensive course should do: it integrates a discussion of the science behind biotech with the business end and the regulatory end. It suffers from the blessing and curse of different authors writing every chapter: they know their subject but the writing style is very uneven. Another blessing and curse, it covers the broadest possible components of the field and includes alcohol production, flavor ingredients, pesticides, and oil production. Ronald Cape, one of the founders of Cetus, served as one of the editors for the first edition and this new edition still makes many references to long-dead Cetus. The regulatory discussions, although they do cover oversight by the FDA and U.S. Patent law, often show a European bias. Last, it's expensive; the hardback costs $150 although the paperback can be purchased for $56.

Reviewed by: 
Jim DeKloe


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