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Bio-Link weekly news, May 23rd, 2011

Webinar on writing ATE grants, May 24th

October might seem like a long time away, but if you're planning to apply for funds from the NSF ATE program, the best time to start writing is now.  Dr. Linnea Fletcher will share things she's learned from her time as an NSF program officer in a webinar on May 24th. 

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Videos from AAAS 2011 now available on-line

Bio-Link weekly news, May 17th, 2011

ATE Student Success:  Building a Diverse and Entrepreneurial Workforce  

Last fall, the NSF ATE PI meeting included a Birds of a Feather session where PIs discussed key issues and strategies for educating community college students in technical programs.  These discussions were distilled into key points and summarized in a new report:  ATE Student Success:  Building a Diverse and Entreprenuerial Workforce

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Bio-Link weekly news, May 9th, 2011

Two webinar sessions are scheduled for tomorrow (May 11th) on protein purification by Bio-Link program leader Jim DeKloe, Solano Community College.  

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To learn more about Jim and read an incredibly moving story that Jim wrote about his experience with biotechnology, read the story he wrote at
"It's all about Aunt Millie


Bio-Link weekly news, May 2nd, 2011

Favorite link of the week:

The American Society for Cell Biology Image library with photos of cells:

photo by:  Tonya Anderson & Deanna Benson

This wonderful resource has photos of different cell types, cell processes, and cell components.  It's a great place to send your cell culture students.The good news is that so many events are appearing on the horizon that we realized it was time for a weekly news report.

Funding dreams and writing Advanced Technology Education proposals for the National Science Foundation

It only takes a quick trip to the grocery store to see that familiar jobs are vanishing. Unless you're in Oregon, grocery store checkers are going the way of gas station attendants, travel agents, and secretaries. Jobs are changing, new jobs require different skills, and even those jobs will be obsolete within a short time.

Finding the right words: searching for biotech jobs requires a variety of terms

Having worked around biotechnology for several years, I thought I was pretty familiar with biotech job descriptions.

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