Curriculum Clearinghouse Update - November 2011

We've been busy adding a number of resources to the Bio-Link Curriculum Clearinghouse, including activities, lectures, videos, animations, and more.  

Highlights from the most recent additions include:  

  • a series of interactive eLearning tools from the North Carolina Community College System BioNetwork on topics including chromatography, fermentation, aseptic technique, etc.
  • two new cell culture manuals from CCSF that include stem cell techniques
  • videos on stem cell techniques from several different sources
  • eight Promega modules on topics from forensics to cloning; a number of animations and tutorials from the Dolan DNA Learning Center

You can see all this and more in the newest Bio-Link Curriculum Clearinghouse resources here.

Be sure to check out our newest method for packaging a complete set of instructional materials needed to teach a course:  Courses-in-a-Box. The first two are Basic Lab Methods for a Regulated Environment and the Embryonic Stem cell course from Stanford.  In the future, we are planning to add more courses on topics such as laboratory math, Downstream Processing, Quality regulations and standards, cell culture, and more.  The direct link to courses-in-a-box can be found right next to the Clearinghouse link in the Resource section of the Bio-Link website. (You will need to request a log-in because we will include assessment tools and exam keys.)

As always, we are looking for member-contributed resources to add to the Clearinghouse.  If you have created or found resources that are particularly useful in your classroom, please send them along.  We will add them to the Clearinghouse for other biotechnology educators to use and enjoy.

Thank you, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


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