Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum Perspective

Dear Bio-Link community,

After arriving home in New Orleans this weekend from the Bio-Link summer fellows forum I wanted to take a moment to reflect and express my sincerest thanks for making the Delgado fellows feel welcomed.  As a first time attendee, I prepared for the Bio-Link summer fellows forum expecting that it would mirror the other national meetings I have attended in the past where only a fraction of the information was useful to my overall goals, what I experienced was completely different and novel.  The Bio-Link community approach of a focused seminar series was refreshing and provided me with information that no amount of background research and reading would have provided.  The experiences gained at this meeting have already caused us to re-evaluate aspects of our program that I believe will enhance the overall success of our curriculum design and ability to compete for national funding.  I look forward to our continued interactions to build a Science Laboratory Technology program at Delgado Community College and a national network of programs focused on training students in technology driven careers.


James F. Guenther, Ph.D.

Delgado Community College, City Park

New Orleans, Louisiana

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