Resources for People Who are Struggling with Mental Health Issues

I love my Dad very much but we have never really had the type of father daughter relationship that involves regular phone calls or visits. He’s busy. I’m busy. It’s just how it is. Friday night I received a phone call from my dad. He didn’t come right out and say it but I think he was calling because he could. I think he was calling because he realized he’s lucky to still be able to pick up the phone and call his daughter. That’s a gift we shouldn’t take for granted. Everybody runs out of time.


During our chat, he mentioned that he had been communicating with my Mom on Facebook.

Mind blown.

These are two people who in another world, another time, were young and very much caught up in the neurological chemistry that they believed was love. They divorced for the second time before I was even a year old. I can count on one hand how many times they’ve spoken in the last twenty years.  They’re practically complete strangers.  But because of the fact that a long (enough) time ago, they brought a child into this world, they set their differences aside and had a nice chat.

I’m not a parent so I can only try to imagine the pain that the people who recently lost their children in CT are experiencing. Actually, I can’t even try that hard. See the thought of erasing every memory I’ve ever had since I was six or seven years old and imagining that none of those experiences ever happened, none of the people I’ve met since then would have been a part of my life and none of the joy, pain, laughter, love, frustration and learning I’ve lived through since then would have occurred is too much for me to bear. And that my parents are experiencing this pain so profoundly that they’re talking to each other just speaks volumes to me about how this is affecting everyone, especially parents.

In light of the events of last week I have chosen to provide a list of resources for this week’s blog. Life can be difficult. Work can be difficult. School can be difficult. Being a student at any age comes with its own set of challenges too and can be overwhelming at times. 

If you aren’t feeling quite right or are worried about someone you know please get help. There’s always help if you look for it. 


New:  Hopeline is working with Verizon to help victims of domestic violence.  You can help by donating an unused cell phone.  You can get help by contacting Hopeline.



Thank you for bearing with me. I know this is a topic that everyone is probably getting inundated by.

For those of you that come to read my blog about being a somewhat goofy yet totally awesome bioscience technology student, thank you! I appreciate you lots! And don't worry. I'll be getting right back to all things bioscience(y) with next week's blog. 

I'd tell you to love on your peeps, but you already knew that. :)



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