Bio-Link's Bridge to Biotech scale-up project


Bio-Link is launching the first phase of the Bridge to Biotech scale-up project through the Synergy Collaboratory.  To find out more about City College of San Francisco’s successful Bridge to Biotech program, which serves economically disadvantaged, minority students, and Bio-Link’s efforts to disseminate the program to other colleges, visit our Bridge to Biotech project page on the Bio-Link website.

Bio-Link will begin working with its first cohort of adopting colleges on April 1st, 2011. Colleges who are interested in participating in this project can complete the Needs Assessment Survey on the Bio-Link website or contact Laurence Clement, Bio-Link Synergy Project Leader at before March 13th, 2011.

The first cohort of colleges will be working with our program staff to create an adoption plan that allows them to work within the limitations and conditions of their region and campus, while preserving the successful elements of the Bridge to Biotech program.  All faculty members involved in the adoption process will meet at Bio-Link’s Summer Fellow Forum from June 6th to June 10th, 2011 in Berkeley, CA to refine their adoption plan.

Colleges who would like to find out more about the Bio-Link scale-up of the Bridge to Biotech can also attend a general presentation of the project at the Summer Fellows Forum.

Please forward this information to any interested administrator, department chair, or biotechnology faculty who may be interested in the program.

Contact person: Laurence Clement, Bio-Link Synergy Project Leader,

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