Ridiculous Amounts of Fun

This week has been a blast! 

General Cell Biology

First, in Cell Bio, we broke out the pipe cleaners again to demonstrate meiosis.   Anything that involves trying to figure out what is going to wind up where makes me want to tuck my head into my bellybutton and curl up into a ball, as I am the most spatially unaware person EVER.  Seriously, you do not want me on your team if we’re shooting pool.  So the visual aids really helped the whole she-bang coalesce in my head.  That and the patient handholding of my classmates:

Samantha and Kelly walking me through meiosis.


Then in lab, we got to explore Mendelian genetics and count virtual fruit flies here:


I’ve been told that actual living fruit flies tend to escape and anger cafeteria patrons, so this was an excellent and fun alternative.




Next, in Biosafety, we had two amazing labs in a row.  First we played a game called “Outbreak!” in which all sixteen students received vials containing our “body fluids”.  Then, during the course of three turns, we approached another student and invited them to “swap body fluids” with us.  This was accomplished by pipetting one student’s fluids into another’s vial, drawing and expelling to mix, and then divvying up the goods afterwards.  We were then to identify which student started off with the infection by paying attention to who tested “positive” at the end of the game, identifying who the infected students’ partners were, and tracing the order of infection.  Alas, I was the third one tested and the first to test positive.  (You always think you’re gonna be one of the survivors in the Zombie Apocalypse, but odds are, you’re gonna be one of the zombies).  However, as the first student infected happened to be my second partner, this allowed us to figure out in just a few steps who the culprit was.

The next lab involved using a fluorescent dye to demonstrate how easy it is to produce aerosols in the lab.  We were given permission to be as messy as possible.  Gleefully, we stirred vigorously, left caps and lids off, inverted test tubes when done with them, and basically tried our best to break every rule possible.  At the top of the page, you can see the results from our attempts at pipetting, transferring and measuring carefully. 


Here’s what happened when we threw all caution to the wind:

Hog Wild


Biotech Club

And lastly, Biotech Club’s doughnut sale raised nine hundred dollars to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  A big thank you to everyone who participated!  And just when you thought the week couldn’t have gotten any more awesome, a big thank you to Club members who passed leftover doughnuts around class!


Bio-Link Program: 
Madison Area Technical College

I love the photos of the

I love the photos of the fluorescent objects!

What liquid did you use for

What liquid did you use for the fluorescence demo?

It was Day-glo :)

It was Day-glo :)

Those sound like some wicked

Those sound like some wicked fun labs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josephine! We want Outbreak and Flourescent labs!!!!!!


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