The Road So Far…

What do biotechnology students like to snack on?

Laboratory-made cookies, of course!

I thought it would be neat this week to post some of the pictures that haven’t quite fit in with other posts.  I take dozens a week and am always impressed with my classmates for not ducking behind the benches when they see me coming with a camera.  They really are great sports about it.  So here’s my little tribute to my classmates and the work we’ve been doing.  Up above are some cookies I made for a Biotech Club meeting, and below is the yogurt we just made in Micro, because if we do anything around here, it’s eat:

Before the yogurt making, Micro had us plating dilutions.  Here’s Andy and Alex:

Forget about the ubiquity of microorganisms; it’s the Sharpies that are everywhere in the lab.


In Bioprocessing, we’re been bioprospecting for microorganisms that break down cellulose.  Right now we’re on our second round of Congo Red assays:

Also in Bioprocessing, we used a hemocytometer for the first time.  Here’s Ashley counting cells:

In the first week of Chromatography, we identified brands of permanent and dry erase markers, distinguishing between Sharpies and Vis-à-vis by comparing them to standards:

There are those Sharpies again.


This last week, however, we’ve been learning Gas Chromatography, which is my person favorite:

My classmate, Melissa.


In upcoming news, we are STOKED about the upcoming Sustainability Summit and Exposition in Milwaukee on March 6, 7and 8! Madison College is a sponsor and will have a booth at the exhibition.   Here’s the link to the summit and I’ll have more info in the next couple posts.


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