Who’s got two thumbs and an internship?

Testing bacteria, starting an internship, and taking care of biochemistry!  

That’s me, the new Production Technician Intern at ABS, Global.

It appears my interview faux pas was forgiven.  I felt like Sally Field when they emailed to tell me (“You like me!  You really like me!”).  I started on March 21 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I mentioned before that the company had graciously agreed to let me blog about the experience.  When I went in to tour the facility  I asked if they’d prefer I only share information available on their website, as I didn’t feel knowledgeable enough to discern what was and wasn’t proprietary information.  That suggestion seemed to make everyone comfortable with the idea and here we are!  Here’s a link to their website:


I strongly suggest checking it out.  Their billboard is something of a local legend and you can catch pictures of some of their slogans on the site.  My personal favorite:  “With ABS, your calves are only an arm’s length away.”  If you didn’t click on the link above already, I’ll let you in on the joke.  ABS collects, tests, extends, packages and freezes bull semen.  There’s also work in genomics, but that’s an area I haven’t had the opportunity to work in, yet.


In class news this week:

First, Chemistry for Biotechnology, my old frienemy.  I know you thought you had me beat, pal.  Granted, there’s nothing wrong with a humbling experience now and then, but that was just getting silly and I had to buckle down.  I wish I was a better person and could just let you have your way, Chem, really I do.  But you were getting too big for your britches, so when I got my class grade I just had to say:

BAM! Now we’re cooking with gas!

Sorry to call you out in front of everybody and all, Chemistry, but you should think about that the next time you mess with a biotechie.  Just saying.


In Micro, we’re learning to test unknowns with tests right out of the Lammert’s (a book I hear will be my buddy for years to come).  So far, I’ve tested Bacillus subtilus , Proteus vulgarisAlcaligenes faecalis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa for hydrolytic enzymes, fermentation of carbohydrates, citrate utilization and tryptophan degradation among many others:

How big of a geek am I for wondering if I can use these to color Easter eggs with?

How much of a bigger geek does it make me that Pseudomonas aeruginosa sounds so much like a Harry Potter spell that Allison and I began swishing and flicking our loops when we said the names of the bacteria?  After they had been flamed, of course.  No intentional aerosols at the Madison College lab.

Finally, a big shout out to Kelly Rose!!  Am I too old to say “Represent!”?



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