Employ Florida Banner Center Cell Culture Methods Workforce Training

Students learn proper cell culture technique at Banner workshop in Jacksonville, FL.

Employ Florida Banner Center Cell Culture Methods Workforce Training

On October 15th and 16th 2012, Florida State College of Jacksonville conducted the Banner Cell Culture Methods Workshops at our downtown ATC campus.  This two-day workshop focused on introducing attendees to the concept of reproduction and cryopreservation of (CHO) Chinese Hamster ovary cells, lab equipment training, aseptic techniques, as well as working within a team dynamic. 

On the first day of the workshop students were instructed by R. Kevin Pegg, PhD with an insightful lecture on cell culture, maintenance of cell lines, equipment, cryogenic safety, regulations and guidelines and how to properly perform documentation input. The students huddled around a few biological safety cabinets and watched a demonstration by current students performing the cryogenic cell freezing procedure.  Students were then able to conduct hands on training by executing the media preparation process in which everyone performed well! 
Day two involved more student practice followed by hands on (CHO) Chinese Hamster Ovary cell line transfer. 

Students were excited about the opportunity to begin training on a multitude of laboratory equipment and instruments, such as an inverted microscope, Biological Safety Cabinet, and a haemocytometer.  They were able to perform the procedure and incubate their T-25 flasks for cell growth.

During this workshop we met attendees from many different backgrounds with many different reasons for attending.  All the students seemed very engaged and ambitious during the workshop.

“Thank you Workforce and Banner Seminars for the workshop on Cell Culture Methods!  This class is a great adjunct to my biotechnology program specializing in food safety. My background (B.S) in dietetics and nutrition serves as a foundation to build upon; and this timely and current technology will advance my goal of making America’s food supply safer and more accountable.  Unfortunately thousands of people die each year due to food poisoning and contamination, and hundreds of thousands are sickened. Contamination of our food supply either intentionally or unintentionally, can be minimized through education, knowledge and experience. That is why I am here. I want to get involved, roll up my sleeves, and get to work!”
Florida State College at Jacksonville
Institute for Food Safety
Biotechnology student

This certificate workshop was an excellent experience for anyone interested in entering the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or medical device field.  Also anyone who is already employed in these areas had the chance to gain knowledge and increase the likelihood of moving up in their chosen field.  The course content was explicit in educating students on the industry standard operating procedures. 



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