19th Annual ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators June 14-17th, 2012

19th Annual ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators

June 14-17, 2012

San Mateo Marriott

San Mateo, California

ASMCUE is an interactive four-day conference of scientific updates and effective teaching strategies.
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ASMCUE 2012 will meet in conjunction with the asm2012 San Francisco, CA meeting and will be held 20 miles away in San Mateo, CA. Organizers have arranged a joint program that benefits ASMCUE registered attendees in the following ways:
  • Enjoy a complimentary “field trip” Saturday evening to the Opening asm2012 Keynote Session and Reception 5:00 - 8:30 pm on Saturday, June 16. Complimentary transportation will be provided to/from San Mateo Marriott and the Moscone Convention Center.
  • Enjoy a complimentary one-day registration pass to attend asm2012 sessions on Sunday, June 17 only. Attendees will need to make transportation arrangements to attend asm2012 that day.
When registering for ASMCUE 2012, be certain to rsvp for these complimentary benefits. Registration opens January 2012. Information about registration fees is available in theregistration section.

Preliminary Program Announced


The ASMCUE 2012 Preliminary Program is now available.  Sessions and speakers are listed below. Abstracts for these presentations are linked on the Program Highlights page. Keep checking back for program updates and opportunities to be involved in the conference.

We do hope you will join us in San Mateo for this exciting scientific and pedagogically significant event!
-ASMCUE 2012 Steering Committee

Teaching Effectively – Better Learning with Less Time Preparing

Spencer Benson, University of Maryland

2011 Carski Foundation Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Awardee

Learning to See Inequity in Science and Strategies for Addressing It

Kimberly Tanner, San Francisco State University

2010 National Science Foundation CAREER Grant Awardee

2011 Society for College Science Teachers Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher Awardee

Role of Histone Methylation in HIV Latency and the Effects of Small-molecule Inhibitors that Block the Action of Various Methyl Transferases

Melanie Ott, University of California, San Francisco

Adventures in Personal Genomics and Whole Omics Profiling

Michael Snyder, Stanford University


Subversion of the Host Epithelial Barrier by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Joanne Engel, University of California, San Francisco

Emerging Pathogens: How Do We Detect and Track Them?

Peter Gilligan, University of North Carolina

Chair, American Society for Microbiology Professional Practices Committee

Discoveries in Phylogenetically-Driven Genomic Sequencing Projects and its Potential for Your Students

Cheryl Kerfeld, Joint Genome Institute

2011 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education Awardee

E. coli: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and Microbes and Oil Spills

Stanley Maloy, University of California, San Diego

Past-President, American Society for Microbiology


JJ Miranda, University of California, San Francisco

Resolving Community and Metabolic Dynamics in Colorado Plateau Biological Soil Crusts

Trent Northen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2009 Presidential Early Career in Science and Engineering Awardee

Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis Molecular Determinants Influencing Host Innate Immune Signaling

Victoria Stone, University of California, Santa Cruz

The Science of the Microbiome: A Renaissance for Microbiology

James Versalovic, Baylor College of Medicine


Course Design/Backward Design
Spencer Benson, University of Maryland

2011 Carski Foundation Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Awardee

MedMyst: Using Serious Games to Teach Microbiology

Kristi Bowling and Leslie Miller, Rice University

Enhancing the Undergraduate Research Experience by Transforming Laboratory Activities

Madhusudan Choudhary, Sam Houston State University

Creating Videos and Public Service Announcements as a Means of Promoting Student Engagement, Developing Critical Thinking Skills, and Creating Citizen Scientists
Lisa Cuchara, Quinnipiac University

Transforming “Lecture” Halls into Student-centered Classrooms

Michael J. Dougherty, American Society of Human Genetics

Forming Effective Student Groups for Active Learning Pedagogies

Samantha ElliottSt. Mary’s College of Maryland

2008-2009 Biology Scholar

Programs and Best Practices to Increase Retention and Graduation Rates of Students from Underrepresented Groups in STEM: An Overview of the California State University Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Program

Enid Gonzalez and Juanita BarrenaCalifornia State University, Sacramento

Using the Scientific Literature to Teach Science Literacy

Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz, Youngstown State University

2009-2010 Biology Scholar


Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Phage Genomics

Lucia Barker, Howard Hughes Medical Institute 

MicrobeLibrary’s Newest Collection: The Multiple Choice Critical Thinking Question Bank

Gary Kaiser, The Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville Campus

Tailoring Teaching for Demographically Diverse Learners

Min-Ken LiaoFurman College

2008-2009 Biology Scholar

Mary Mawn, Empire State College

2009-2010 Biology Scholar

Jeffrey Pommerville, Glendale Community College

Effective Online Microbiology Education: A Two-Session Progression

Phil Mixter, Washington State University

Andrea Rediske, Valencia Community College

National Science Foundation (NSF) Funding – Education & Undergrad Research

NSF Representative, National Science Foundation

Road Map to Academic Success

Todd Primm, Sam Houston State University

What is New in Teaching Technology? PowerPoint Annotation Using Notebook computers or Tablets to Create Interactive Lectures Which are Captured Using Lecture Capture Software

Jennifer Taylor and Erica Suchman, Colorado State University

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