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Bio-Link On-Line News September 2014


Bio-Link On-Line News April 2014

Bio-Link On-Line News March 2014

  • Planning for summer in March
  • How to post an event on the Bio-Link web site in six easy steps
  • Grant writing webinar in April
  • Room for more in the Bioscience Industrial Fellowship Project
  • Apply for the Summer Fellows fellowship today!!
  • Free Bioinformatics curriculum at Digital World Biology
  • Next generation sequence analysis at Dolan DNA Learning Center
  • Internships for faculty and students - Apply now!!
  • Genes in Space
  • Wanted: recommendations for a lab safety textbook.
  • For those of you who are job searching, be sure to check out this great article about ways to use LinkedIn
  • Hi-TECH - register now
  • There are some very exciting events coming up!


Bio-Link On-Line News February 2014

  • A Warm Winter Fellows is a Wild Success
  • The Mad Scientist and the Violet Clones
  • When doing the math just doesn’t add up
  • Summer Fellows is just around the corner!
  • There's a new way to find internships on Bio-Link
  • Attention Bio-Link Program leaders!
  • Internships for faculty and students - Apply now!!
  • Mentor Connect Webinar
  • Great new opportunity for Biotech Faculty!
  • Check out these awesome events!
  • And now, the winner from the 2014 Lab Grammys


Bio-Link On-Line News January 2014

  • You can blog for Bio-Link!
  • Bio-Link Resources: Bio-Link How to Guides
  • New Video: Preparing for a career in genomics
  • New career profile: Mandy Hunter
  • Planning for Summer Fellows Forum 2014
  • Internships for faculty and students - Apply now!!
  • Survey: What are your favorite biotech texts for cell culture?
  • Fun with pipette tips
  • Check out these awesome events!


Bio-Link On-Line News December 2013

  • Live from our student bloggers!
  • IUSE and ITEST deadlines and help with grant writing
  • The National Science Foundation highlights ATE and Bio-Link
  • Here's what you missed at this year's ATE PI conference
  • Florida State College Jacksonville's ATE grant project makes the news
  • This month’s biotech successes!
  • Time is running out. Submit your proposal now if you want to present at the 2014 HI-TEC conference!
  • Holiday treats enjoyed by Bio-Link
  • Internships for faculty and students - Apply now!!


Bio-Link On-Line News November 2013

  • Bio-Link Connections is available for download
  • Bio-Link student bloggers never sleep!
  • Del Mar students win awards and Dr. Rob Hatherill is recognized by congress
  • The National Science Foundation wants your input on the ATE program
  • Students at Flathead Valley Community College know when something's fishy
  • Bio-Link folks take over Genetic Engineering News
  • Stan Kikkert's students at Mesa Community College demonstrate the downside of trying on Halloween masks
  • Amgen Curriculum & Videos - online at Shoreline Community College
  • That's not how you pipette!
  • We've got issues...and you can read them all
  • Internships for faculty and students - Apply now!!


Bio-Link On-Line News October 2013

  • - ASBMB writes about Bio-Link and
  • - Using in your class
  • - Bio-Link student bloggers
  • - Diana Spencer teaches collaboration in Tulsa
  • - Bio-Link related presentations at the ATE-PI conference
  • - Student internships at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab
  • - Supporting Biotech in Haiti
  • - Upcoming events


Bio-Link Community News On-Line September 2013

  • - Smoothing the way with a Course in a Box
  • - Bio-Link student bloggers
  • - Supporting Entrepreneurial Endeavors
  • - Student from Northern Essex Community College finds perfect fit in Laboratory Science
  • - NIH Community College Day
  • - Zombie Lab Safety Video
  • - Job postings
  • - Upcoming events


Bio-Link On-line Community News August 2013

  • - Certificates, Degrees, and Maps, Oh My!
  • - Blogging the internship
  • - CCP and SSF event materials
  • - HI TECH 2013 Videos and notes
  • - ATE@20 blogs about Bio-Link
  • - Webinar topic survey
  • - Sign up now for on-line biotech courses!
  • - Job postings
  • - Upcoming events


Bio-Link Community News July 2013

  • - Updates to the Degree and Certificate Descriptions at
  • - Blogging the internship
  • - Contributing to the community - measuring the benefits of a college run CRO
  • - What skills do all biotech students need to know?
  • - STUDENfactuRED needs your help!
  • - What webinar topics interest you?
  • - Upcoming events



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