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NEW! Draft of Bioscience Common Core Skill Standards, June 2014 for your review

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This page contains:

A.  Collections of biotech-related standards

B.  History, feedback and discussions

C.  Materials from the C3BC Lab Skill Hub Meeting, November 18th meeting at SRI

Slide presentations on standards, CSBI, and frameworks for discussing standards


A.  Collections of biotech-related standards

1.  Draft of Bioscience Laboratory Skill Standards, 2013

Contributed by Bio-Link

Description and areas of emphasis:  These draft standards / competencies focus on the lab skills needed for an entry level job in the biotech industry.

Download the Word document

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    2.  Washington State Skill Standards  

    Contributed by:  Shoreline Community College

    Description and areas of emphasis:  These skill standards cover three major clusters of biotechnology-related careers:

    • Research and Development
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Manufacturing

     View or download the pdf (6 Mb)


    3.  NBC2 Skill Standards for Biomanufacturing

    Contributed by:  Northeast Region Biomanufacturing Collaborative

    Biomanufacturing Task List

    Task Inventory, March 25, 2014  Used to build c3bc common core draft March 25, 2014.

    Description and areas of emphasis:  


    4.  Texas Skill Standards Board information 

    Contributed by:  TSSB

    Description and areas of emphasis: Two documents are included here that describe how to develop skill standards.

    The last two sets of standards are the same as the Washington State Skill Standards developed by Shoreline Community College

    (Download the pdf - this link as #2 above)

    • BioTechnology and Biomedical Skill Standards for Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trials
    • BioTechnology and Biomedical Skill Standards for Research and Development


    • TSSB Repository - this has links to skill sets from different kinds of industries 


    5.  Draft Skill Standards for Medical Devices 

    Contributed by:  Dr. Sengyong Lee, Ivy Tech Community College, Bloomington, IN

    Description and areas of emphasis:  (from Dr. Lee)  

    The skill set matrices of the five main functional areas: Engineering, Instrumentation and Metrology, Production, Quality, and Regulatory Affairs are identified in the documents below.  These standards identify entry level jobs within each functional area, key functions and tasks, as well as the specific knowledge and skills required to carry out each task.  Bloom’s taxonomy of learning domains: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, and Create was used to determine the competency level of each knowledge and skill.

    The group at Ivy Tech identified the medical device industry’s common technical skills based on the skill set crosswalk matrix that illustrated the skills in all five functional areas.  They are attached here as well.  The medical device industry’s common soft skills are not included here.


    6. Department of Labor Bioscience Competency Model

    Contributed by: U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA)

    Skills are organized into the sections of a pyramid and you can click on these sections to get more information about the skills in that section: 

    You can access the pyramid here


    B.  History, feedback and discussions

    Thinking about Core Competencies in Biotech - note there comments & requests from the community at the bottom of the page

    Poll on Core competencies - as described in the article above

    Slide presentation on Core Competencies

    Community College Consortium on Core Competencies - Workshop at HI TEC 2013

    Biotech programs in Texas Work Together to Adopt and Implement the Texas Biotechnology Skill Standards


    C.  Materials from the C3BC Lab Skill Hub Meeting, November 18th meeting at SRI

    Next steps handout for working group


    If you don't see the presentation, go here:  Russ Read on The Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials (C3BC)

    If you don't see the presentation, go here:  Bioscience Laboratory Workforce Skills - part I

    If you don't see the presentation, go here:  Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes

    If you don't see the presentation, go here:  Bioscience Laboratory Workforce Skills - part II



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