Great opportunity and two full-time jobs at Finger Lakes Community College

James Heweltt posted on our Facebook page that Finger Lakes Community College is looking for two full-time people for the CCURI project.  

The first is a Project Director:

The second is a full-time technician:


If you're not familiar with CCURI, this is the Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative recently funded by National Science Foundation.  Several Bio-Link programs are involved in CCURI in addition to Finger Lakes CC.  These are Tompkins-Cortland Community College, Delaware Technical and Community College, and Jamestown Community College.


There have been several articles on the initiative in the press:


There's even an been article in Science!

Two-Year Colleges are Jumping Into the U.S. Research Pool


This is a great opportunity to join an exciting project.  

Bio-Link Program: 
Finger Lakes Community College
Bio-Link Program: 
Jamestown Community College


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