Job prospects for biotechnicians: what do biotechnicians get paid? and how can they find positions? is simply the best biotech job and career site I've ever seen

I found the best job searching site that I've ever seen today thanks to the folks at GenomeWeb. bills itself as a search engine for jobs and it's wonderful.  It's the only site I've seen that has current salary data (look at the dates on graphs below - Feb 2nd, 2011!), shows the numbers of jobs by educational requirements,  and really deals well with the multiple descriptions that are used for life sciences jobs.  


Current salaries for biotechnicians

Look what we can find at SimplyHired.  If we search for a job area and look at the salaries for those jobs, we can see the results from millions of job postings.  Both the graphs below show that the average nationwide salary for technicians in the biological sciences  is now around $31 - 35,000 per year. 

Average Biological Science Technician Salaries


biological science technician


Average Biological Science Laboratory Technician Salaries


biological science laboratory technician


Finding jobs that fit your skills

Even better, if you click the links on the left side of the graphs, you'll get lists of job technician jobs and internships throughout the US.  

At first, I was puzzled by seeing the two different categories - why have both biological science technician AND biological science laboratory technician?  And, the two kinds of positions do overlap.  If you're looking for a job, you would be wise to consider both groups.

Once you select a link, you'll see a list of current job openings aggregated from millions of job postings.  You can even narrow your search by location or use the filters on the left side of the page to refine your search by more specific job titles. The ability to drill down and look at the results in different job categories is very helpful because of the many similar ways that bioscience jobs are categorized.  A Research Associate at a University, might be a Senior Scientist at a company.  

If we select "Biological Science Technician," we see there are 44  jobs listed, and we can read the descriptions.  


Notice all the related descriptions that are listed above.  We can see in this category, there are 46 open positions for Clinical Lab Scientists, 38 for Lab Technicians, 41 for Research Technicians, and so on.  The distinctions, if there are any, only become clear if we select the links and look at the descriptions.  Luckily, having all the names laid out in a list lets us know that there are multiple titles and the numbers of jobs that are listed under each.

Other options that I really like are the ability to see which companies are hiring.   You can quickly see the companies that are growing.

I also like the abilities to filter jobs by the posting time and to see the education level required, and to see the job type.

It's interesting to see the numbers of different jobs for different levels of education in real time.  It might be quite a surprise for some people to see that are more job openings for individuals with an Associate's Degree than there are for individuals with a Doctorate.  

We can see by using the Job Type filter that there are 117 internship positions.  This site could be very useful for students who are looking for summer work or the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a lab.



Alerts and networks - even more tools for job seekers

The other great things about this site are the ability to make an email alert and to engage your network.  You can set email alerts to let you know when jobs or internships become available in certain areas of the country, or from certain companies or types of positions.  Those tools would be good for students who can't always be scanning the web to find out when a certain company is going to be posted internship openings.  


Instructor postings, too.

Interestingly, there are a fair number of job positions for biotechnology instructors as well.  A search with the phrase "biotechnology instructor" found 15 full time job openings and 8 part time, with an average salary of 52K per year.  These numbers might sound low, but they're really pretty good considering the job situation in other areas of higher education.


Happy hunting!


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