Share your suggestions for the Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum

Dear Bio-Link community,

We're going to be doing a couple of experiments at the Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum this year.

1.  Poster / Sharing / Meet & Greet Session

The goal for this session is to give everyone a structured chance to talk with other participants.
In the first hour, one group of participants will stand by a poster or by a table (with other kinds of information for sharing, such as brochures, hand-outs, etc.) .The other group will walk around, talk with people, and learn about their projects.  

The information a person puts on his/her table or poster can be as formal or as informal as that person wants. For example, some people might put up a poster on their table, while others might simply lay out their program brochures.  In the second hour, the two groups switch. 

We're asking everyone to provide a sentence about the project/program/topic they wish to discuss ahead of time (e.g. their associate degree program, their internship program, problems recruiting students). That way participants can make plans to visit the tables of the people they most want to meet and chat with.

Posters: it may be best to make your posters out of cardboard so they can stand up on their own.  We're not going to be able to have push pins or a way to attach posters to a wall.
2.  Summer session ideas
We have a few open time slots this year and we're going to experiment with a new method for identifying interesting topics and proposing sessions.  
We would like you to propose sessions and /or  topics in the comment section below.  Log in to the site to have your name show up with your comment.

Feel free to comment on which topics are your favorites.

If you want, you can recommend people to lead the sessions or volunteer to lead them yourself.
Keep in mind, a session proposal is just that.  We cannot guarantee that all topics will be used.

Certification.   What is


What is being done about it?  How do people get involved in the discussion or join working groups?

Take a look at the results and comments on our Bio-Link LinkedIn group to see a really great discussion.

I would like to see this

I would like to see this topic explored. Deb Davis

I am willing to do an NSF

I am willing to do an NSF grant writing workshop with a focus on changing trends. Linnea Fletcher

Another topic, besides grant

Another topic, besides grant writing, I think people would benefit from is the nuts and bolts of running a successful laboratory including its design, ordering, proper documentation, SOP design, safety, the adoption of new equipment, and how to get rid of old equipment. Linnea

I would even add teaching and

I would even add teaching and working in a regulated environment to that list. Thanks! Renee Krohne

teaching quality and

teaching quality and regulstions - our Biomanufacturing Program at SLCC focuses mainly on this. I would be willing to give a condensed session on this as a basic introduction, or if there is interest in something beyond an introduction, I can entertain that too Vivian Ngan-Winward

How about the overall theme

How about the overall theme of "Common class management and teaching challenges in Biotech Education" with round table discussions?

Subtopics could include: "teaching to a wide range of skill/abilities in a single classroom", "lab classroom management when limited equipment is available", "integrating teamwork", "making time for applied math practice", and I'm sure there are many more possibile topics that would generate valuable idea sharing and discussion. Josephine

It would be nice if one of

It would be nice if one of the sessions was to identify new biotech programs and inquire at what stage they are and what help they will need from the Bio-link. This would enable experienced researchers to help budding scientist better organize and structure their labs to satisfy both the industry and academic fields. Solomon Nfor

Something that covers all the

Something that covers all the latest developments in technology: next and 3rd gen sequencing, synthetic biology, real-time PCR INCLUDING analysis, RNAi and epigenomics, etc. Include resources.

Hi BioLinkers -- I've given a

Hi BioLinkers --

I've given a few talks lately on integrating social networks and mobile technology into classroom and campus activities. These seem to be well-received, and with each round I'm revising the presentation to encompass all the stories and ideas I hear from participants. Would something along these lines be useful to participants? Of course, on my other front we're moving forward with new content in Virtual Enterprise and there are some interesting developments on our planning grant for a Center for the Entrepreneurial Technologist that I could share.


Edgar Troudt
edgar.troudt AT kbcc D.T cuny D.T edu

Quantifying "Good Hands"  

Quantifying "Good Hands"

   We all think we know from experience when a student is performing a hands-on task well.  But even a well-written rubric can result in a broad range of grades when three faculty apply it to the same student. We're asked to develop metrics for removing that bias in some of our certificate courses. I'd be interested in sharing this work-in-progress in exchange for criticism and other's experience. 

I think "growing" a program

I think "growing" a program or hearing from small programs. I have a small program that is close to a "one man band" and it can be overwhelming to hear about all the things bigger programs are doing. I am willing to present what I do in the Laney program - steps I started with, where I have been successful at growing, areas that still need to be developed etc. Leslie Blackie, Laney College

I am looking forward to the

I am looking forward to the poster session/Meet and Greet.

It's great to be going back to Bio-Link Summer Fellows! Stan Kikkert (Mesa Community College)

Hello everyone, Funding is

Hello everyone,

Funding is always an issue with programs and I wanted to post a link to some young biotech curriculum developers and their kickstarter pitch (kickstarter is a crowdsourcing method of fundraising).

How are programs dealing with sustainability and scalability? What is the role of local business in your program models?


Melissa Nikolic, Georgia Bio

I will like to have Mr.

I will like to have Mr. Troudt back next year to evaluate those of us who are going to use some of what he presented. it will be nice to see what others think after trying it.

Edgar's presentation was very

Edgar's presentation was very thought provoking. It would be great to have a follow up, both from folks who have adopted some of the strategies presented, as well as from Edgar himself (as this information will certainly continue to evolve.)  

Stan Kikkert; Mesa Community College


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