Gels can Smile?

Bioscience Technology at Portland Community College is getting slippery! As our class forges ahead in the fun filled world of Bioseparations we tackled chromatography and protein gels (protein electrophoresis) this week! We learned how to piece together a gel set-up which is like negotiating a particularly tricky set of Legos. We also made our own resolving and stacking gels! Gels are fun!

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How do you find a job in biotech?

We just started a new series on job hunting at  Feel free to drop by and share what you've learned.

Free Online Training for Finding Digital Teaching Resources

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Applications are now due by Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Should Totally Play with Your Food

This isn't just chopped liver. This is a course in Applied Quality Practice!

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Biotech careers: videos, photo diaries, job descriptions and more


If you haven't visited our biotech careers site lately,, be sure to stop by.  This week we added

Strawberry Science Panda Extractables

Jennifer and her classmates start a fictional biotech company and practice using Quality Systems. Doesn't Strawberry Science Panda Extractables sound yummy?

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