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This week, Mandy tells us about quality regulations, reading the "The Jungle," and trying grow baby carrots -in culture.

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Madison Area Technical College

Hello Again!

Jennifer is back! Only this time as a transfer student at UNLV.  What's it like when a biotech student continues on?  New labs?  New challenges? Let's catch up and find out!

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Portland Community College

Smoothing the way with a Course in a Box

Learn about Bio-Link's Course in a Box program and how it can help you develop new courses more quickly.

She’s baaaaaack!

Madison College student blogger Mandy Hunter is back on-line and raring to go!  No bull!  Mandy ponders what it means to be called a "scientist" and shares her summer internship experience working in the barns and learning how to collect semen. 

Bio-Link Program: 
Madison Area Technical College

Certificates, Degrees, and Maps

Bio-Link faculty are an exceptionally creative group.  If there is a niche in the bioscience world, there seems to be a Bio-Link program ready to develop a certificate designed to fill it. 

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