Certificates, Degrees, and Maps

Bio-Link faculty are an exceptionally creative group.  If there is a niche in the bioscience world, there seems to be a Bio-Link program ready to develop a certificate designed to fill it. 

Lassen Volcanic National Park and the Microbial Observatory

Viruses, volcanoes, and hot springs!  Need we say more?  The lab goes on an epidition to explore for microbes at Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Bio-Link Program: 
Portland Community College

Community College Consortium on Bioscience Credentials - summary of the sesson at HI TECH 2013

Linnea Fletcher, Elaine Johnson, and Russ Read talked this morning about the effort toidentify a standard set of skills that biotechnicians, nationwide, need to know.

HI-TEC 2013 Session on NSF funding opportunities

This session at HI TECH described some great resources for folks who are interested in learning more about NSF grants and funding opportunities.

My Shortest Blog

I just set my alarm clock for 4:50 am and I'm actually excited about it!  

Bio-Link Program: 
Portland Community College

I am NOT a Bull in a China Shop!

This week, Jenn tells us about her pet viruses, dissects a publication, tells us what not to do with SDS-PAGE gels, and shares a bit of job-hunting advice.  Enjoy!

Bio-Link Program: 
Portland Community College
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