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I just set my alarm clock for 4:50 am and I'm actually excited about it!  

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I am NOT a Bull in a China Shop!

This week, Jenn tells us about her pet viruses, dissects a publication, tells us what not to do with SDS-PAGE gels, and shares a bit of job-hunting advice.  Enjoy!

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Portland Community College

Webinar topic survey

What topics would you like to learn more about? Take the quick webinar survey and let us know!

The Adventure Begins in the Stedman Laboratory at PSU's Center for Life in Extreme Environments

Not to be deterred by a mere concussion, one of our wonderful student bloggers is starting a new adventure as lab intern in virology lab.  Read on to learn about her first week on the job. 

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Portland Community College

Measuring the economic impact of community college innovations

A community college Contract Research Organization contributes over $27 million to the local region.  Learn how the economic impact was calculated.

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