Books on Biotechnology

Books and other materials for biotechnology education are listed in categories below.  Select a category to see a list of titles and links to reviews.

Titlesort icon Author(s) Publication date Reviewed by Used by
Ancient DNA - Recovery and Analysis of Genetic Material from Paleontological, Archeological, Museum, Medical, and Forensic Sources. Bernd Herrmann, Editor 1994
Basic Biotechnology Colin Ratledge and Bjorn Kristiansson 2001 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology - A Textbook of Industrial Microbiology (Second Edition) Wulf Crueger and Anneliese Crueger 1989 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology - The Science and the Business - Second Edition Derek G. Springham, Ronald Cape, and Vivian Moses (Editors) 1999 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity British Medical Association 1999
Crab Wars: A Tale of Horseshoe Crabs, Bioterrorism, and Human Health William Sargent 2002 Jim DeKloe
Gene Expression Systems: Using Nature for the Art of Expression Joseph M. Fernandez and James P. Hoeffler (Editors) 1999 Jim DeKloe
Genes XII Benjamin Lewin 2012
Maintaining Cultures for Biotechnology and Industry Hunter-Cevera and Belt 1996
Molecular Biology of the Cell - Fifth Edition Bruce Alberts, Keith Roberts, Julian Lewis, Martin Raff, Alexander Johnson, and Peter Walter 2007 Jim DeKloe
Molecular Biotechnology- Second Edition S. B. Primrose 1991 Jim DeKloe
Molecular Biotechnology: Principles & Applications of Recombinant DNA - Second edition Bernard R. Glick and Jack J. Pasternak 2003 Jim DeKloe
Molecular Cell Biology - 4th Edition Harvey Lodish, Arnold Berk, S. Lawrence Zipursky, Paul Matsudaira, David Baltimore, and James Darnell 2012 Jim DeKloe
Recombinant DNA - Third Edition J.D. Watson, Michael Gilman, Jan Witkowski, and Mark Zoller 2002 Jim DeKloe
Unraveling DNA - The Most Important Molecular of Life Maxim D. Frank-Kamenetskii 1997 Jim DeKloe

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