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Title Author(s) Publication datesort icon Reviewed by Used by
Laboratory DNA Science Bloom, Freyer, and Micklos 1995 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology - A Laboratory Course Third Edition Becker, Caldwell, and Zachgo 1996 Jim DeKloe
Unraveling DNA: Molecular Biology for the Laboratory Michael R. Winfrey, Marc A. Rott, and Alan T. Wortman 1997 Jim DeKloe
Fundamental Laboratory Approaches for Biotechnology- Second edition Alexander Ninfa, David Ballou 1998 Jim DeKloe
Basic Laboratory Methods for Biotechnology- Second edition Lisa Seidman, Cynthia Moore 1999 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology Explorations Judith A. Scheppler, Patricia E. Cassin, Rosa M. Gambier 2000 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology: DNA to Protein -- A Laboratory Project in Molecular Biology Teresa Thiel, Shirley Bissen, Eilene Lyons 2001 Jim DeKloe
At the Helm - A Laboratory Navigator Kathy Barker 2001 Jim DeKloe
DNA Science: A First Course in Recombinant DNA, Second Edition DNA Science: A First Course in Recombinant DNA, Second Edition David Micklos and Greg Freyer 2002
Short Protocols in Molecular Biology - Fifth Edition Edited by Frederick M.. Ausubel, Roger Brent, Robert E. Kingston, David D. Moore, J.G. Seidman, John A. Smith, Kevin Struhl 2002 Jim DeKloe
Lab Ref: A Handbook of Recipes, Reagents, and Other Reference Tools for Use at the Bench Jane Roskams and Linda Rodgers Eds. 2002 Jim DeKloe
At the Bench - A Laboratory Navigator - updated edition Kathy Barker 2004 Jim DeKloe

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