Making PCR: A Story of Biotechnology

Paul Rabinow
University of Chicago Press
Publication date: 


ISBN 0-226-70146-8

Rabinow is an anthropologist at UC Berkeley who looks at the people in biotech from the point of view of an anthropologist looking at a different culture. In this book he turns his attention to PCR. For many people, the discovery of polymerase chain reaction begins and ends with Kary Mullis' brainstorm while driving along a winding road on the way to Mendocino. This story fills in the blanks about the team effort at Cetus to bring this technology to market and into virtually every laboratory. He covers the history of Cetus, from its origin as the first biotech company to its decline and acquisition by Chiron. Rabinow has also recently written a book that examines the culture of biotechnology in France called "French DNA."



Reviewed by: 
Jim DeKloe

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