Molecular Biology of the Cell - Fifth Edition

Bruce Alberts, Keith Roberts, Julian Lewis, Martin Raff, Alexander Johnson, and Peter Walter
Publication date: 

What can you say about Genes VII or Molecular Biology of the Cell? They are both superb. They are also encyclopedic. Jim refers his students who want to know more about a subject than is covered by their introductory texts to these books. Genes VII seemed to fix the funky artwork and odd writing style of some chapters that Jim thought plagued Genes V - it's now a pleasure to read. All of the art for Genes VII is available to download: The new (2002) Molecular Biology of the Cell is now available. It has an accompanying book of problems with very interesting problems: Does a Snickers bar provide enough energy to climb the Matterhorn? What is the yoctomole limit? What is the concentration of sunlight? What is the p in pH?


Reviewed by: 
Jim DeKloe

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