Research & Development Scientist 4

Dawn Rabbach

After High School I earned an Associate Degree as a Medical Laboratory Technician. I found that the routine work of the Medical Lab Technician job was unfulfilling and wanted to be involved in research. I went back to school and enrolled in the Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Program at Madison Area Technical college in 1992, while working on my degree, I also worked part time at Promega Corp. in the Lab Support Services Department. I Graduated with an AAS in Biotechnology in 1995.

1982 Associate in Science Degree for Medical Laboratory Technician, MATC, Madison, WI ASCP registered

Biotechnology Education

Biotechnology Program: 
Madison Area Technical College
Degree or certificate: 
Biotechnology Associates degree

Employer information


Madison, WI

Employer description: 

Headquartered in Madison Wisconsin, Promega Biosciences Inc is a leading manufacturer of specialty biochemicals used in the life sciences. They partner with leaders in biopharmaceuticals and the life sciences, and offer customers quality, experience, flexibility, responsiveness and technical competence.

What does this job involve?

Job Description and Responsibilities: 

I work in the R&D Genetic Analysis Group where my expertise is in the Genetic Identity product line. The job entails daily computer operation, laboratory bench work and collaborating with colleagues within and outside of Promega. My position also includes responsibilities for the operation and troubleshooting of state-of-the-art-instrumentation, experimental design, data generation and analysis.

Commonly Used Skills and Techniques: 

This position uses the skills learned in school. The variety of course work offered in the program is a definite benefit. Many of my coworkers have commented on the broad range of knowledge that I obtained with my degree. There are great variety and responsibility with this profession, not just sitting at a desk.

Rewards and Challenges

What do you find most rewarding about this job?: 

I find working with the Genetic Identity Group a challenging experience. I enjoy working with the diverse group of intelligent and dedicated people. The flexible schedule is highly satisfactory to those working full-time.

Other thoughts: 

Quote: Don't expect to start out at the top, be willing to work your way up to the position you desire. Be open to learning new skills and have a willingness to learn whenever the opportunity arises. Additional business and marketing courses would be helpful.


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