Serial Dilutions

(don't) Let them Eat Twinkies

This week, biotech students solve the mystery of the adulterated hummingbird food. Visiting scientists share their experience with biotech students and talked about working at places like Molecular Probes, Invitrogen, Life Technologies, and ColumbiaSoft. And students use DocumentLocator software from ColumbiaSoft to see how paper trails are tracked and used to meet FDA regulatory guidelines and audits.


Is it science or art?  Jennifer tells us about make tubes with lovely colors, better known as Bradford and ß-galactosidase assays, and graphs with Excel.  Guest speakers tell the PCC classes about technology transfer at OHSU and cell culture at Najit Technologies.

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Portland Community College

Fun with Serial Dilutions and Spectrophotometry

From spectrophotometers to serial dilutions, this week is all about concentration.

Groundhog Day in Protein Purification

Why are Bradford assays like Groundhog Day? You'll have to read about it to know.

Bio-Link Program: 
Portland Community College
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