How-To Guide

Access the Code of Federal GMP Regulations

This page explains how to use the internet to obtain the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations. It describes how the regulations are organized and how they can be searched and retrieved.

Books- Biotechnology

This page provides links to useful book on Biotechnology or related topics

Connect With Bio-Link Through Social Media

Have you wondered about the best ways to use social media and sometimes, why people use it at all?

This guide describes some of the ways that Bio-Link is using social media to connect with our community and provides instructions for using each of the different types.

Detect Genetically Modified Food

This lab activity takes students through a three-part process to detect the presence of genetic modification in corn (maize) or soy food products.

Develop an articulation agreement

Articulation agreements are arrangements between two year colleges and Universities or high schools and two year colleges that describe how credits will transfer between institutions.

This guide presents examples of these agreements and describes how to create them.

Equip a biotechnology lab

Biotechnology laboratories require different kinds of specialized equipment. The type of equipment is related to the role that a division plays inthe production and processing of biological materials. This guide describes the kinds of equipment that would be found in different divisions of a biotech company.

What is an SOP?

This page describes Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and their component sections and provides examples of a SOP for students to review.

Write Effective Laboratory Reports

This document presents some useful pointers on lab report writing, and a discussion of lab report content so that students will have a better idea of expectations for their work.

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