Creating a news report

We really like it when you share news reports about your program.  Good news about any Bio-Link program makes all the Bio-Link programs look good.

To make this easier, we set up a special type of content called "News reports and press releases." 

Two special features are associated with this content type:

1.  The headline will appear on the front page of the Bio-Link web site.

2.  Your news item will appear in a special "News" section

You can see the News section here:

Click any of the titles in the News section and you'll see how all the articles are formatted like the example below.

Each article has a picture, a paragraph or two describing the article, and linked references to the article itself.


To write a news report:

1.  Open the Create content link in the navigation menu.


2.  Choose "News reports and press releases"

3.  Add a title.

4.  Upload a photo or image if you have one.

For more information, see "Uploading images."

5.  Write a short description of the article or news item in the Description box.

For information on entering text, see "Using the text editor."

6.  If you're ready to publish and you want the headline to appear on the front page, check the appropriate boxes, then click the Save button.

7.  If you just want to save your work, click the Save button.

8.  If you want to see how your page will look, click the Save button, and then, click the Preview button.


Note:  Unpublished pages have a pink background to help you distingush published from unpublished.

If you save your work, you can find it later by using the "My workspace" link in the top left hand menu.




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