Equip a biotechnology lab

Biotechnology labs need specialized equipment for different types of processes and activities.  The list below contains links to photos, SOPs, and information about different pieces of equipment.  

Types of laboratories


Core Facility:

A core facility is one that contains equipment that might be shared by groups of labs.  This equipment includes different types of refrigerators for storing temperature senstive reagents, media, and cultures; incubators for growing bacteria and cells, autoclaves for sterilizing media and cultures, and other large pieces of equipment.  


Media/Buffer/Reagent/Solution Preparation:

 Media and solution preparation are fundamental activities in biotechnology.  Cells and bacteria need media for growth.  Chemical reactions and enzymatic processes are carried out in solutions, with buffers and other reagents.


Molecular Biology:

Molecular biology labs require equipment for working with DNA and proteins.  


Upstream Processing

 Upstream processing activities are those that take place during the process of growing eucaryotic cells.  These cells might serve as a source of protein or DNA for other activities.


Downstream Processing

Downstream processing activities are those that occur after the cells have been grown.  These activities involve harvesting the cells and purifying specific proteins or other materials.


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