Biosafety Cabinet

Biosafety Cabinet

Biosafety Panel

SOP for Forma Biological Safety Cabinet

  1. With gloved hands, place all necessary materials in cabinet prior to use. (Consult batch culture checklist or SOP).
  2. Place bio-waste receptacle adjacent to cabinet.
  3. Spray and wipe down work surface with 70% IPA.
  4. Close glass door and turn on UV light for 15 minutes. This is located on top control panel.
  5. Once 15 minutes have elapsed, turn off UV light.
  6. Turn on flourescent light and receptacle switch. This is located on top control panel.
  7. Open glass door to 10 inch mark only or alarm will sound.
  8. Immediately turn on blower.
  9. Light bunsen burner according to SOP. This is located on the side of the bio-safety cabinet.
  10. Replace gloves prior to entering bio-safety cabinet.
  11. Spray all spinner flasks and media bottles with 70% IPA and wipe dry. Place inside of cabinet.
  12. Perform protocol while working in center of cabinet. Do not block intake grill. This ensures proper airflow.
  13. Once protocol is complete, turn off bunsen burner according to SOP.
  14. Wipe down working surface with 70% IPA.
  15. Turn off blower, fluorescent light and receptacle switch.
  16. Close glass door.

SOP for Propane Regulator of Biosafety Cabinet


  1. Turn blower on and open the glass panel of the biological safety cabinet before preceding. Also; check that the petcock (valve 3) is off.
  2. Check hoses inside and outside of cabinet.
  3. Make sure that valve #1 is "decreased" completely, i.e. unscrewed upwards (counter clockwise) untill loose.
  4. Slowly turn on main cylinder valve #2, until it is completely open.
  5. Slowly 'increase' valve #1 until the low pressure gauge (#4) reads 4psi.
  6. Slowly open petcock(valve #3, inside biological safety cabinet) while igniting the propane flame.


  1. Shut off main cylinder (#2) completely while flame is on, i.e. petcock is open.
  2. Allow all pressure gauges to go to zero.
  3. 'Decrease" valve #1.
  4. Close petcock (valve #3) completely.

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