DNA Gel Box

SOP Owl Horizontal Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus

  1. Prepare gel box for casting:
    Set tray in chamber with gasketed ends pressed against the walls of the buffer chamber and insert the comb selected.
  2. Cast gel:
    Pour cooled gel solution (about 60oC) into tray.
  3. Remove tray and rotate:
    Remove tray carefully from chamber and turn 90o so that the comb(s) is/are on the same side as the negative electrode (black).
  4. Replace tray:
    Replace the tray into the chamber, exposing the open ends of the gel to the buffer chamber.
  5. Add buffer:
    Pour enough running buffer to completely cover the gel; careful rocking of the tray will eliminate any air bubbles under the tray.
  6. Remove comb(s):
    Carefully remove comb(s) by lifting up slowly. Do not tear or damage wells.
  7. Load the samples:
    Follow specifications for well bolumes below; in most cases we will be using a 10 tooth comb.
  8. Replace lid:
    Carefully slide lid onto the unit: the lid electrodes should connect to the chamber electrodes.
  9. Connect to power supply and turn on.
    Follow protocol for the power supply being used.
  10. Cleaning the system:
    Use tepid water and soft cloth to clean comb, tray, chamber and lid.
    DO NOT use soap or brush on any part of the gel box.
    Rinse in deionized water. 
# Teeth in Comb Well Volume
8 65ul
10 50ul
12 40ul
14 30ul

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