Triple Beam Balance

Triple Beam Balance

Triple Beam Balance

SOP for Ohaus Triple Beam Balance

  1. Always check for exact zero first. If an adjustment is needed use the knob located at the left end of the beam, under the platform.
  2. Place the vessel that will hold the specimen on the scale. Adjust to zero.
  3. Place the specimen into the vessel in the center of the platform.


  1. Start with the largest capacity beam, 500g. Move to the right one notch. If the pointer drops, move back one notch.
  2. Repeat as above with the 100g beam.
  3. Slide the 10g poise to the position which brings the pointer to rest at zero.

The weight of the specimen is equal to the sum of all the values of the poise.

If you are weighing out a specific amount, proceed as above, steps 1-3, then:

  • Adjust the scale to the amount that you need in grams.
  • Slowly place small amounts of the item into the vessel on the platform until the pointer rests on zero.

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