UV Transilluminator

SOP for UVP Inc. Ultraviolet Transilluminator

  1. Place UV Transilluminator on level surface being sure that air can pass easily underneath the machine.
  2. Plug machine into electrical outlet.
  3. Make sure surface area of machine is clean. Use damp cloth to clean working area.
  4. Everyone in the room should be wearing protective eyewear: faceshields for people using the transilluminator and glasses or goggles for other personnel.
  5. Place gel/sample on filter area of the Transilluminator. NOTE: DO not place SYBR Green stained gel directly on the UV Transilluminator. Be sure to place a piece of plastic wrap between the two surfaces.
  6. Place flourescent rulers on each side of sample to easily measure any movements of DNA.
  7. Shut off lights in the room and turn on machine.
  8. After viewing, shut off machine and turn on lights. Be sure to clean machine with an alcohol prep swab and dry with a Wypall towel after each use.

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