Case 3: Enzyme Endurance

Case Study 3: Enzyme Endurance

Developed in partnership with LifeScan

In this case, students receive an introduction to biomedical device production and Quality Control through an examination of glucometer strips.  Students are introduced to the importance of blood glucose level testing in the diabetic individual, and gain an understanding of the importance of instrument calibration and quality control of manufactured products. Students will perform a small-scale test production run of the enzyme strip manufacturing SOP. Following the production of the strips, students will assay the strips they produced to ensure that they meet QC specifications. Wrap-up activities include students troubleshooting the case scenario again to decide probable causes of the failure of the membrane batch that was pulled from the production line at Glubeter Enterprises.  For instructional materials, follow the links below.  These materials include the Case Study, Appendix, Laboratory Procedure, and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). A facilitator guide is also available here after log-in.  

Enzyme Endurance Case Study

Enzyme Endurance Laboratory Procedure

Appendix for Enzyme Endurance

MSDS for Guaiacol 


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