Case 5: Under Pressure

Case 5: Under Pressure

Developed in partnership with Inhale, Inc.

This case introduces students to the area of regulatory affairs in which they investigate a possible problem with a blood pressure cuff.  Students conduct Internet searches with respect to components of the blood pressure cuff to determine causality.  The context of the blood pressure cuff problem introduces students to the field of immunology, specifically allergy- and asthma-related conditions.  Ultimately, students are responsible for informing the company of the FDA regulations affecting the cuff and for determining how to handle continued production of the cuff.  To access instructional materials, click on the links below.  These include the case study, and the appendix.  There is no wet lab component for this case study. A facilitator guide is also available here after log-in.  

Under Pressure Case Study

Under Pressure Appendix


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