Biomanufacturing Associates Degree


Biomanufacturing associates degrees are two year degrees that prepare students for entry-level positions in biomanufacturing.  These types of jobs include bioprocessing (which generally refers to the processing of agricultural commodities into products), media preparation, bioenergy production (e.g. ethanol and biodiesel), and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Graduates can also find jobs in the food processing industry.

These programs combine hands-on experience with background information in chemistry, biology, laboratory math, and, depending on the emphasis of the program, may contain extensive training in industrial plant operations including electrical, mechanical, and process control technologies.

Different types of associates degrees

The main difference between the types of associate degrees lies in whether or not the degree will directly transfer to a four-year college.

  • A.A.A.S. and A.A.S. (Associate of Applied Science) degrees are professional technical degrees that prepare students to enter workforce.
  • A.A. (Associate of Arts) and A.S. (Associate of Science) degrees also prepare students for jobs, but tend to include more courses that will transfer to four year institutions.


Associate degrees from Bio-Link programs emphasize practical, “hands-on” learning, and familiarity with cutting edge techniques, technologies, and equipment. Students gain a working knowledge of molecular biology, recombinant DNA, immunology, protein purification and tissue culture -- both through classroom lectures and laboratory learning experiences.

Foundational courses in English, and a variety of math and science disciplines including algebra, statistics, chemistry, biology, microbiology and computer science are often included.

Most programs include internships or some form of work experience.

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