Connect With Bio-Link Through Social Media

This guide provides the basics on how to connect with Bio-Link using each of the following tools. Begin by selecting one of the "get started" links. A hands-on workshop will be offered in June, 2010 at the Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum in Berkeley. Find out more about the workshop.

This link takes you to the PPT used in the workshop.

Why use social media tools?

  • Stay connected with Bio-Link colleagues
  • Stay up-to-date in your field of interests
  • Share resources
  • Promote your events
  • Discover new connections (people and resources) 

Why use ...

  • Biolink's listserv: To communicate via email for sending and receiving announcements, posting questions, etc.
  • LinkedIn: For professional networking and resumé posting. Great for job searches, finding where classmates are working, and staying in touch.
  • Facebook: To share links, photos, and videos; for discussions, and to email those who can't get Bio-Link's Yahoo listserv emails.
  • Twitter: To share links and short anecdotes from conferences and talks.
  • RSS feeds: As a fast and easy way to read Bio-Link’s blog posts.

The Direct links below go directly to Bio-Link's page. The How-to Guides help you get started.

Direct links How-to Guides
yahoo listserv icon  Listserv Get started with Bio-Link's Listserv
linkedin icon  LinkedIn Get started with LinkedIn
facebook icon  Facebook Get started with Facebook
twitter icon  Twitter Get started with Twitter
rss feed icon  RSS feeds Get started with RSS feeds


Developed with funding from NSF Award #0903317

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Bio-Link National Center


  • Learn about biotech careers
  • Find biotech programs

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  • Professional development
  • View curriculum

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  • Connect with local programs
  • Find skilled workers

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