Bio-Link Equipment Depot Open House

Saturday, October 27, 2012 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
Time Zone: 
Bio-Link CCSF Equipment Depot
99 Clearwater Dr
San Francisco
(650) 821-0112

Teachers can pick up free supplies at the Bio-Link / CCSF Equipment Depot.


Equipment Depot Ground Rules


  • School Identification will be necessary on demand and you will need to fill out a registration and acceptance form.
  • We accept Teachers from Community Colleges, Universities, and High Schools. Different School Programs have different needs for diverse Biotech operations.
  • If you join, please contribute. Those that join us will be asked to contribute time, contacts, expertise, space and labor to help keep this program up and running.
  • Contribution is fun for most people, and educational as well - you can learn a lot about our equipment and supplies. We are not trying to overwork or punish anyone, just get you as Educators to own a piece of our program!
  • Everyone will need to fill out a registration form with clear legible contact information and School ID. Verification can include letterhead, School Taxpayer ID, business cards, the more the better. The intent is to screen out non- educational recipients.


Contact person: 
Dave Collins
(650) 821-0112


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