Featured program: Indian Hills Community College - Iowa BioDevelopment


Photo from eXtension Ag Energy   The image shows switchgrass, an important source of biofuel.

Indian Hills Community College is located in Eddyville, Iowa.  The college prepares students for careers in bioprocessing, bioenergy, and value-added agriculture and has it's own research and training arm called Iowa BioDevelopment (IBD).  IBD has a 13,000 ft2 facility.  

Graduates from Indian Hills are employed at 27 companies that span diverse areas from pharmaceutical production, renewable energy, food and wines.

Please notice on the Indian Hills program page, the program has added some additional pages with a link to a video from one of their graduates, information about their facilities and equipment, outreach acitivities, and training options.

Recently, Indian Hills added an on-line certificate program for Biofuel technicians.  

Learn more about Biofuels at Indian Hills here:   Indian Hills adds on-line certificate program for Biofuel technicians


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